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Our Approach

It's About You

The foundation of our approach to financial planning is a deep understanding of our clients. That’s why we start the process with a discussion about you — your work, family, life challenges, and goals. Only after we understand your professional and personal situation can we develop the appropriate investment, insurance, retirement, charitable giving, and estate plans. Then, we lead the coordinated implementation of those plans. At Creekside, we use the latest technology to help keep our clients’ abreast of their plans. Some of our clients like to review their plans on a daily basis; others check monthly. Using the latest technology, we can provide our clients with easy access to their information whenever and wherever they want to review it.

Customized Plans

Just like no two people are alike, no two financial plans developed by Creekside Financial Advisors are the same. Our advice is based on your unique needs and objectives. Your world is constantly changing. That’s why you need a financial planning partner who understands your situation and can help you make the appropriate updates to your plans that are consistent with your lifelong financial goals.

Creekside Wealth Management (CWM)

Creekside Wealth Management (CWM) is our fully comprehensive financial reporting, planning, and tracking service. Through CWM you can view, in aggregate, all of your financial assets in one location. At Creekside, we assist our clients to take control of their financial lives. Not only can you view updated values of your assets on a daily basis, the values will update your personal financial plan, thus enabling much more accurate planning and forecasting.

Independent, Objective, and Straightforward

Creekside Financial Advisors is an independent financial services firm. We adhere to the fiduciary standard, which means that we put our clients’ interests first. We believe in being straightforward. Our clients communicate their personal and professional situations with us, and we happily share with them information about our costs, market changes, research findings, and plan results. Confidentiality and protection of client information is one of our fundamental responsibilities. While collecting personal information is important to providing quality service, we recognize that our client’s trust is central to a successful, long-term relationship.