Our Clients

While their livelihoods may vary, our clients are alike in many ways:

  • They understand that sharing their personal and professional situations and challenges allows us to develop customized, comprehensive financial plans for them
  • They embrace our collaborative approach
  • They are looking for comprehensive solutions, not just investment tips
  • They have a long-term investment perspective rather than searching for a “home run”

Physicians, Attorneys, Business Executives, and Professionals

At Creekside, we have the privilege of working with a variety of successful people who have built their careers on service, trust, and expertise. Our clients have demanding professional roles requiring tremendous dedication, so they turn to Creekside to manage their financial matters.

Working with Women

Many women in transition turn to Creekside as they navigate through challenging personal or professional situations. Changes in a woman’s career, divorce, loss of a spouse, or an inheritance can create uncertainty and anxiety regarding their financial future. At Creekside, we understand that women in these often-unexpected situations need a partner who can sort through the options and identify the appropriate path to a secure financial future.

We have experience working with women at many stages in their lives and financial situations. Our clients are often well-educated, prominent women in their communities who have little time for financial planning. They appreciate our frequent “check-ins” and value the information we share with them about options to meet their lifelong goals.

Business Owners

Many of our clients have owned small and medium-sized businesses for years and then find themselves transitioning to the next generation, selling the company, or retiring. Other business owners need assistance figuring out how to fit this form of wealth into their financial plans. These issues can dramatically impact an individual’s financial plans.

Creekside’s hands-on approach to understanding each client’s particular situation has been embraced by business owners. Customized strategies are developed with the goal of enabling our clients to relax and enjoy their new stage of life.